Microsoft HoloLens – Completely transform your planet with holograms

For the 1st time at any time, Microsoft HoloLens seamlessly blends higher-definition holograms with your authentic planet. Holograms will boost the way you do issues every single day, and enable you to do issues you have in no way performed prior to.

20 thoughts on “Microsoft HoloLens – Completely transform your planet with holograms

  1. I'm a big hardcore fan of microsoft and xbox, I feel the duty to warn the Hololens has the same footprint of competitors who are developing VR glasses, I need to mention that requires a imercao as well as rivals, it will not be another failure imminent.

  2. My 11year old twin daughters have nystagmus caused by a form of albinism. Could software be designed to adjust the image to follow their always shifting eye movement. Therefore giving them the ability to see things more focused.

  3. Wow! This is true and real? Is there really this technology? O.o :O

    If it is, great, very great! That's it Microsoft, let us into the future of technology. 😀 This is a great offer and proposal! :)

  4. Amazing stuff.. Hats off Microsoft !!
    I guess after 5 to 10 years from now Apple is going to make something similar like this, they will name it like iLens or something and people will stand in line for whole day to buy that shit calling it new tech & innovation..

  5. This will be the beginning of fascinating 3d holographic virtual reality worlds&multiplayer games, virtual shopping&tourism, virtual wars with drones, holographic surgeries with medical robots, holographic construction&manufacturing with robots, nano scale operations etc…

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