Microsoft May perhaps Facial area Disc-Scratching Class-Action Lawsuit – IGN Information

Microsoft might be on the verge of a course-action lawsuit adhering to a recurring claim that an Xbox 360 defect scratches discs.

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20 thoughts on “Microsoft May perhaps Facial area Disc-Scratching Class-Action Lawsuit – IGN Information

  1. Loving the idiots defending Microsoft in the comment section. I should take better care of my discs? That's like telling someone whose defective car air bag didn't deploy that they shouldn't have gotten into an accident.

  2. Lol I had an Xbox 360 since launch and of the hundreds of games I played not one disk ever got scratched. Some people are just idiots, trying to get there pee-pee money as it were.

  3. Seriously, do people have nothing else to complain about? Who cares if I get a little scratch on my discs. The fact that the whole system is able to show a interactive world on a flat screen in real time is amazing. Can people get any more ungrateful that they want to file a lawsuit for this? Must be money hungry retards. Far out.

  4. As a PlayStation fan I'm going to for the first time defend Xbox this is stupid this is so old and stupid I don't know why people is making a big deal this there will be no that this was going to happen like really this is stupid if this goes to the court I personally will go and slap the judge in the face because this needs to stop people need to stop bullyin Microsoft nobody's perfect please PlayStation is not perfect Xbox is not perfect and PC is not perfect 

  5. Good i had a few games this happened with from a friend bumping the table wiggling it and scratching the disk, had a couple of them be rented games to and had to pay for them. Nothing more frustrating then buying a game at launch your excited for and it gets ruined cuz a table got bump or a cord triped over and move your console. I can flip my ps1 ps2 ps3 and ps4 upside down and it doesn't damage my disks. I can alsondo that with my game cube wii and wiiu and my original xbox. 360 was a disgrace of hardware, from red rings to disks not reading to disk geting scratched to disk trays nit opening to bricks over heating. I went thro 6 white originals from launch a elite and a slim brick red fried out. Iv had every other console since day 1 and they all still run perfectly fine

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