Microsoft Particulars Halo five: Guardians Disc Trade Software – IGN Information

The Confined Collector’s Version of Halo five: Guardians doesn’t arrive with a really hard copy of the match, but those people wishing to trade their electronic code for a disc can do so by heading through Microsoft Guidance.

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20 thoughts on “Microsoft Particulars Halo five: Guardians Disc Trade Software – IGN Information

  1. if i get the special edition console and exchange the code of the game, can i specify the version of the disk? because the spanish dub sucks and i suppose like previous halo games you can't change the language even if you change the language and region of the console or this just apply to the U.S?

  2. IGN why did you lie about the resolution its not 1080p it's 60 frames a second but they dropped the resolution to bring up the frame rate pathetic IGN liers.need to be sued

  3. I know there is much debate over how some people prefer physical media over digital. An argument for it is that you are able to sell, trade or give your game away anytime. However i prefer digital for the simple reason that i can buy the game and play it on 2 different consoles. Yes i actually have 2 Xbox One's. One is mines and the other is my sons. I first set his Xbox One to be my home console and buy the game on his Xbox One with my account.. After downloading it for the first time on his console i can then also download it on my console and play it too so long as my account is logged on and connected to Xbox One. Every game i buy we can both basically play it. That and the fact that PC gaming is mainly all digital and i have been buying them on Steam for quite some time now is why digital really doesn't bother me. I actually prefer it and many services today offer the ability to pre-purchase a game and download it before it is released so you can play it the very minute its out(except maybe if a patch is needed).

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