REVEALED: Why Digital Games Are So Expensive – Microsoft Rescue Plan Foiled?

Why Are Physical Video games Cheaper Than Electronic?
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Ubisoft explains why digital game selling prices keep so high for so long on consoles: prices-keep-so-high-for-so-long-on-consoles/

Ubisoft report Q1’15 earnings. Electronic enterprise now foremost profits stream:

28 thoughts on “REVEALED: Why Digital Games Are So Expensive – Microsoft Rescue Plan Foiled?

  1. Please please please. I beg of you. If you think like Dragon on this subject and share these opinions just buy your favorite console and enjoy it. Please stay far away from PC gaming.

  2. they should include both digital code and physical copy if you purchase a game brand new. Use the Drm like every 30 days you have to insert the game in the console to renew the digital licence.

  3. In Brazil I never saw 1 digital that was more expensive than physical (at least the same prices on worst case scenarios), not because digital is cheaper, but the game stores in Brazil don't have a "max price" ($60) for new games, they upper the prices depending of the demand of the game I think, or it's just because Brazilian entrepreneurship is just shit … And we don't have the luck of having one big game store like GameStop, we just have these overpriced nobody knows game stores that upper the prices in 200%.
    When the dollar was R$2,00 was a lot better to buy on the american online store of Xbox an PS, even with all the fees for exchange of currency !!
    I see that is weird what's happening in the US, and I was hoping that digital would become THE thing (for my pocket own safe) but that the economy is shitty, the digital are costing $100-150 and the physical are up to $200 !! I hope it doesn't become more expensive, if it does, I won't be able to pay de luxury of being a gamer …

  4. Your cool man I like your show and I like Microsoft keep it coming and just curious reasons I wonder where Nintendo is going to be in 2016 rumor SAGA console maybe have a Comeback

  5. I prefer physical simply because once I'm finished with a game I like to be able to sell it or trade it back to the store. Selling obviously is the better way to go but it can take time. EB/Gamestop laugh all the way to the bank when they trade you games but if all you're after is maybe a few bucks off your next game and you really are done with that one then it doesnt hurt. Cant trade back downloaded games.

  6. huh don't they have to pay sony/microsoft extra for keeping the games on their servers? I thought that was the catch. Also there are every month coming about 4-5 games out so after 2 months the game reached its downfall with it's price on the other hand the publishers have to pay microsoft/sony extra money for keeping their games available. You can twist it however you like but in the end you can actually save some money with sales <_< cough Steam-sale….. like you've said stores need to get rid of their inventory thats totally right – thats just nature in every business….. but here you can clearly see if a game isn't available physical anymore you still have the chance to purchase it digitally there are always pro's and contra's. Everybody who've downloaded P.T. can delete it and re-download it since every download is saved in your download-history >_>

  7. why don't they just give you a digital and physical copy. and at the place you buy it they assign it to you. and you can only resell it by selling the game with the used code

  8. Wait, hold on. If Microsoft said that, and the PS4 uh…. Physical Version of that game is superior, then why do you have the Xbox One version of the game? You have a PS4, it's clearly more powerful than the Xbox One. Your logic is all screwed up brother.

  9. I can't speak about the other services, but on the PSN when you download a digital copy of a game, you're getting 2 for 1. So if you own 2 of the same console or have a friend to share with, it's a great deal.

  10. People say "when everyone buys digital the prices will go down." Bullshit. The companies are used to getting $60 and they will never lower that price, even for digital games. If anything the price will go up.

  11. Without competition digital games would still be as much or more. Digital games are also so expensive because the price is set by the publisher's MSRP, not Microsoft or Sony. Physical games are also, to me, better to have because I can always have the disc and, with a 8tb external hard drive, I never have to delete stuff. You can also install games faster than digital downloads if you know the Xbox One bypass. Also, digital resales are complicated to do. I'm sure you can understand why.

  12. im not sure if i agree fully. though i only riok a few nims to look when it comes to newer games i doubt you will find it cheaper. once a game has been out for a while im sure you can find it cheaper but i got black ops 3 like a week or 2 after it came out and it wad cheaper then in stores. now i would prefer to have a hard copy jyst because u physically have it. if your system takes a shit well what good is a digital copy. now i don't have anything to back this up but i truly believe the whoke disc drive issue when the xbox one fitst came out was done intentionally. you cant say that millions of copies not having to have a case manual toner etc. didnt save a shit load of money. i saw people literally spend an extra 60 for a digital copy because their system wouldn't read the disc. hell, i did it with titanfall only because the digital copy was 20 dollars and i was sick of not being able to plsy it. i procrastinated sending my console in cuz i didn't want ti wait for a week. little did i know if u put down a deposit they send you a refurbished one. 400 dollar deposit at the time for a refurbished console with ni kinect. Wtf. oh well i got that money back but im lucky i didnt procrastinate any longet because the night i called at 1115 pm i asked when my warranty was up and literally 45 min i wouldn't have got that repaired which i almost didnt but for somw reason decided to. back on topic so yes i agree that a physical xopy is better but digital also cant get stolen. i never resell games because stores that did that would give u like 10 to 15 bucks then turn around and sell it for 40 or 50. ive had them try to knock off ten on a new release for a used copy and i paid the extra 10 just on principle alone. digital became more convenient for me cuz when the pigs take your license and its 115 degrees and the nearest store is about 6 miles felt digital was more convenient. so as far as cheaper well it sure as hell should be but that usually applies to games that have been out a while also, i got tomb raider, assassins creed, metal gear solid, and a bunch more for free those are just the main titles. both have their benefits again i think i made a good point on the disc drive issue plus it also goes with what you said. ladt thing i had whoke shelf on my dvd rack full of 360 games well some piece of dog shit stole them thats what u get for helping a friend.

  13. Why anyone would buy digital media over physical media is far beyond me. At least if you have the physical copy you can possibly resale it. Digital, you get nothing back later!

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