YouTube Red, AdBlock & Patreon – Making Money on YouTube

Let us speak skrilla? With YouTube Purple, existing AdBlock procedures and in a greater scope, the change to cell and how substantially more challenging that’s been to monetize for creators and publishers, I wished to outline some of my very own plans for the show, how matters will be affecting me and what sort of impact all these matters will have on the show.

In quick, Patreon is an brilliant solution, that technique stands out to me as the most effective way to profit from your creative get the job done on YouTube but it is not/will never get the job done for each channel.

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  1. open that patreon, and take our money damnit! jk
    let us love you!! (jk went too far… sry, lol)

    j/s people shouldn't donate with expectations of more work,
    donations are gifts, not purchases…

    i kinda think donations would be better than ad revenue because
    the amount of money you get depends on views and stuff, and pretty
    sure other ppl you don't know are making more money off you than
    you're paid… (cynical, sry) you know with donations the money
    your making comes from people that actually care about you in
    some respect.

    nothing really stopping anyone from doing both though is there? >.>

  2. One of the reasons I pulled ads from my Youtube account is simple: I wasn't making any money off of them and it was a distraction for people watching who just wanted to watch the content and not get slammed by ads. If I was pulling in 20,000+ views per vid, I may have reconsidered it, but now, any ads I still have up are forced on me due to copyright claims. You made the right decision to stay on Youtube though: you actually like producing content as much as we enjoy watching it so keep at it! One thing I did want to say is I LOVE the lighting techniques you've used in previous videos.

  3. An excellent balanced discussion; totally agree about YouTube Red, which I think we get in the UK in July. Also Patreon is a great way to get fans involved to help support and improve content creation. Great vids sir, glad I came across your channel via The Game Quest.

  4. Ads = Evil, but I just leave the room and get a glass of water or do something or put my laundry in the wash or something else menial that takes about the amount of time an ad would run. LOCR and countless other channels deserve more attention and support, and I try to do my part by telling like minded people about the channels and encourage them to check it out.

  5. Very interesting video. I don't mind ads and I don't use AdBlock. I understand why some people consider them to be annoying, but I don't see them as an inconvenience at all, especially since most ads have the five second skip option. As for YouTube Red, it sounds promising and I hope it does well. I check out the revenue page in my analytics from time to time and I see that the amount that I've made from Red is a small fraction to what I make from ad revenue. Hopefully that will change someday, though. Anyway, I enjoyed hearing your perspective on this:)

  6. Ive been getting 3 times more clicks & impressions after youtube red came out. Maybe Youtube Red is a good thing after all. But idk. I was just pointing that out.

  7. The thing is, it has been proven time and again, that people will not pay for things on the internet.

    I'll tell you exactly whats going to happen once youtube red appears, everyone is going to migrate to facebook, facebook is gearing up to monetize peoples videos for this exact reason.

    Youtube will collapse. Look at the newyork times. Someone with a subscription just posts the content elsewhere as soon as its done. All exclusive content will be uploaded within seconds elsewhere.

  8. I'm glad to hear you haven't given up Youtube. You're a unique content creator. I told myself my youtube channel would be a hobby only and if I made any money off it, then all the sweeter. Ads are what they are, and the ones on Youtube really aren't that bad. Unless it's one of those 30 minute ads that won't go away until you get up and smack it to skip. What is up with that!

    Patreon is pretty damn cool, but I have yet to contribute to much of my favorite content creators. I usually just give friends stuff through donations, whether it's money or physical stuff. Commenting and liking is free, so I make sure I do that at the very least. Because that's why I'm here, as are you from what you've said. Meeting people and connecting is the best part of Youtube.

    Good points, mate. Life is tricky to get a grasp on. I'm glad you're doing something you enjoy. Don't be afraid to turn ads back on. You're not insulting any of us by showing ads. If we don't like them, then we'll block them anyway.

  9. Tired of "content creators" acting like they're so poor n broke n need money to keep their channel going. Garbage. They've been doing it this long without donations and shit. They use adblock when it's convenient for them, but then turn around and cry about it when people use it on their channel.
    Gonna keep using adblock. Never gonna signup for Red. All your gonna get from me is a view and a like, if the video's any good. Don't give a fuck. Got children to support, not youtubers. Most of em don't know what it's like being poor, barely making ends meet. It's insulting to the average viewer.

  10. I miss the days when it never involved money. I understand the reasons. I'm just starting to feel fatigued with the gaming youtube money thing. Just continue with your daily jobs.

  11. I don't like seeing ad's, I find them annoying and intrusive and never have i spent money or gone out to buy something because of an ad I've seen. I use adblock mainly to block ads and popups when browsing the internet so I keep it on full time.

    I understand people want to make money from Youtube, but many shows i subscribe to seem to have so much free stuff/or constantly getting new stuff (also getting cool opportunities) that i just don't want to add to that (you know, being materialistic etc).

    If it moves to a stage where content is being locked behind pay walls then i will give up Youtube, simple.

  12. I think you should start a Patreon. You don't have loads of sub's but those of us that are never miss any of your video's – I think I've watched most 3-4 times. I do understand the pressure involved with Patreon, however if you're upfront about the sporadic content people will generally understand. Also, have you thought about a retro Twitch channel? I've said this before (I don't remember your answer) but it would be great entertainment and give you a chance to interact with your viewer's. Regardless, you'll figure it out. Youre work is amazing as always and you've earned the right to make a living off of it.

  13. I don't have so much to support my favorite content creators. Most of my subscritions are channel that aren't that big. So I like to comment on their videos.

    Patreon sure seems like "most safe" option for people. Sometimes it feels like a Kickstarter with their milestone goals. I haven't done enough research on YouTube Red, but I'm sure it has it's own pros.

  14. I don't mind watching a short AD if I really like a YouTuber, but paying for YouTube Red it's not gonna happen for me, as I already pay for enough streaming services as it is. so yeah I'll just whitelist YouTube channels from my ad blocker I want to support.

  15. More than anything I appreciate your intellectual honesty about this subject since more and more people are talking about it. In the end, I'm not anti-patreon nor am I pro-patreon. I've made a choice not to associate money or monetary value to hobbies and youtube because the harsh reality is I can't trust people that I don't know with my money. I've been burned by it too many times. I just want to keep my hobbies simple and try to enjoy them for the simplest reasons. I've never donated to any crowdfunding project in my life because maybe I have this stupid belief that the risk of obtaining something that you want out of life should fall on the person doing it and not the people that your trying to cater to. In the grand scheme of things I applaud what you do, you make interesting content and I couldn't have a bad thing to say about you if I tried. In the end you have a ton of people that will do anything to make you successful from a financial point of view, but the best I can do for you is the same I can do for any other channel regardless if its right now or 4 years ago which is to share, like, comment, favorite their content and I don't feel comfortable going any further than that.

  16. I have no objection to watching ads on someone whom I support, especially if they put time and effort into making a quality video.

    I also support them by buying their DVD/Blu ray if/when they release one. I even own the DVD's of people with less than 300 subscribers. It's all about supporting people if you want to see more of their content.

  17. What if you had a page on your website that showed the most current youtube video, and that page had adsense on it? that way I can just see the simple ad on your site, and avoid the terrible youtube ads at the same time. it would also draw more people to your site. you could also use RSS feeds or whatever to let us know that a new video is out, and we can avoid going to youtube all together. maybe that is against youtube TOS, though.

    I am sorry to hear that you only make $11 per month. I thought it was a couple hundred.

  18. Hey! I came to the same conclusion! If people think this stuff deserves money, let them vote with their dollar (capitalism is still scary though). However Ads are an obstruction, forcing time out of viewers and and not rewarding you or them enough at all. So I'm glad you are showing people the options they have to support channels they enjoy!

  19. Very interesting video. It is very difficult to get noticed on YouTube anymore. Honestly though, you should have a much larger following. The content you put out is so unique and just oozes of quality and unique style. Sure, maybe the views/sub count isn't there now but I could fully see this channel finally getting the recognition it deserves which maybe won't make it a full time job but could totally offset costs. Really you should be upwards of 50,000 subs…..I'll do my part and spread the word best I can!

  20. I think u could make more money.. cuz I'm subscribed to you.. when more people find your channel, you will get more views and so on.. try to make money and great videos.. if I see a lot of great content maybe I'll donate.. thanks n good luck

  21. great vid, kinda thought provoking really… i wish i could do better vids i think my software is limited or maybe its my lack of know how. ive always believed in the power of just cutting and basic editing but i see a lot of vids with all the cool transitions, zooms, and the stuff you can do with after effects is really cool..its weird being a 'content' creator sometimes. i now have ads on but for the longest time i didn't… i guess this year that started. once in a while i turn it off but i use ad block I HAVE TOO. its gets too tedious and too distracting. Everywhere, not just on YT..i hate the ads on news sites with all these things trying to distract you from the articles, the main reason you're there and its not much different with youtube, sure a preroll ad is fine. but after a few… i start to go crazy like seriously, some ads just set me off… the ads on desktop are the worse (the ones they stick right on the video) you hit the tab for it to go way but the arrow doesn't go away. it just sits there like a fly on the screen. that you can swat. its like food or catsup on the person across from you face and you cant say 'hey you got a lil something… well im ranting now. guess my point was i could not tolerate YT or much of the net in general with out ad block. thats probably just me but i would rather disconnect. uh, well..again your vid gave me somethings to think about unrelated to this comment i just spewed.

  22. I appreciate your honesty. I miss youtubes old days. Once adsense came it was more about the money then making videos. Then the ebegging happened.

    I'll continue to support you because you seem like a good guy and the effort in your videos show.

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